Rencana Studi


English I
German I/French I
Cultural Identities in Europe
Linguistics Applied to Communication
Intercultural Communication and Mediation
Fundaments of Ethics
Theology I
English II
German/French II
Europe Through Art
Culture and Civilisation of English Speaking Countries


English III
German/French III
Culture and Civilisation of English Speaking Countries Through Audiovisual and Written Texts
Spanish Civilization and Culture I
Applied Ethics: Biothics
Advanced Academic English
Asignatura 1 (Mención)
German/French IV
Culture and Civilisation of English Speaking Countries in The Digital Era
Spanish Civilization and Culture II
Theology II
Asignatura 2 (Mención)


Debates on Literary Texts I
German/French V
German/French Society
Asignatura 3 (Mención)
Work Placement - First Language Country I
Latin-American Civilisation and Culture I
Social Doctrine of The Church
Debates on Literary Texts II
German/France VI
German/French Economy
Asignatura 4 (Mención)


Literature and Film
Writing Techniques and Strategies
Work Placement-Second Language Country II
German/French VII
German / French Geopolitics
Latin-American Civilisation and Culture II
Oral Communication Techniques and Strategies
Bibliographic Resources
Text Analysis, Proof Reading Editing
Final Year Project
Asignatura 5 (Mención)


Communication: Principles and Strategies
Communication Skills
Technologies and Communication Design
International and Intercultural Communication
Institutional and Corporative Communication
Foreign Language Teaching Methodology
Teaching Foreign Language Literature and Culture
Psycholinguistics and Interlanguage
Design and Analysis of Authentic Materials Evaluation in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning